Large Intestine X-ray (=Irrigoscopy)

Appointment: Required
Important Information,
Irrigoscopy Instruction Leaflet
Irrigoscopy Patient Information and Consent Form
Patient's Preparation for Irrigoscopy /
Virtual Colonoscopy
Contrast Material: Required

Main Applications:

  • Evaluation of the length, width and position of the intestine
  • Confirmation or disproval of inflammatory or tumor-related changes in the intestinal wall (e.g. polyps)
  • Confirmation or disproval of intestinal wall excrescences (diverticulum) 

The Examination:

A soft intestinal tube is gently inserted in the rectum through which the contrast material is then administered before being stoppered. Then the stopper on the intestinal tube is opened and the contrast material flows back into a plastic bag. The large intestine is filled with air and made to unfold completely after these preparations - this procedure frequently causes a sensation of flatulence.

The combined administration of the contrast material enema and air is known as the double-contrast method. Its advantage is that the examiner has a clear view of individual intestinal loops which may superimpose each other. With this procedure, changes in the intestinal mucosa can be diagnosed even if they are just a few millimeters in size.

The examination itself takes about 15 minutes. You can take food and beverages as usual immediately afterwards. Your stool may be whitish for a few days.

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