Phlebography (Veins of the arms and the legs)

Appointment: Recommended
Important Information,
Phlebography Instruction Leaflet
Phlebography Patient Information and Consent Form
Contrast Material: Required
The contrast material is injected into a vein in the back of the foot or the arm.

Main Applications:

  • Confirmation or disproval of obstructions in deep leg veins  due to blood clots
  • Visualization of varicose veins
  • Evaluation of vein valves
  • Evaluation of the patency of deep and surface leg veins before varicose vein surgery

The Examination:

First, a rubber tube is bound tightly around the ankle of the leg to be examined. A vein in the posterior area of the foot is chosen and disinfected before the needle is inserted and contrast material is administered. A series of images is taken immediately after the contrast material is administered. Patients are asked to turn their leg outwards or inwards depending on the doctor's instructions to obtain different views of the vein. The needle is removed and the area is dressed after the examination.

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