Reception & Check In

The entrance to DZU is marked by a large orange sign on the building at the corner between Schwedenplatz and Laurenzerberg. Please bring all relevant previous reports and images when you come for your examination.

The Reception and Report Pick-up Counter is located in the entrance area on the ground floor. Our staff is there to give patients the information they need on the corresponding waiting area.

After checking in patients take the elevator to the second floor, where illuminated signs on the wall guide them to the corresponding waiting area.

Patients can double check their information at the Infopoint on the second floor if they have any doubts or additional question.

The three waiting areas are the Cross-section imaging centre (CT and MRI , marked blue), Mammography / Ultrasound / Fluoroscopy / Bone densitometry (marked orange) and X-rays (marked green). All three areas are located around a courtyard and illuminated by natural light.

The center is entirely barrier-free.

Patients need a valid referral and an Austrian E-Card or the relevant private insurance data.

  • MRI
  • Icon Computertomography
    X-Ray CT
  • Icon Mammographie
  • Icon Radiology
    Digital Radiology
  • icon Ultrasound
  • Icon Bonedensity
    Bone Densitometry
  • Icon pet ct