X-ray of the Skull/ Skeletal System

Appointment: Recommended
Important Information,
X-ray Instruction Leaflet
Contrast Material: Not required

Main Applications:

  • General bone structure evaluation
  • Diagnosis and evaluation of inflammatory changes in bone
  • Diagnosis and evaluation of degenerative bone and joint diseases
  • Confirmation or disproval of benign and malignant changes in bone
  • Spine and the joint malpositions

The Examination:

Depending on the area of the body covered by the examination, patients are asked to expose the area to be examined and remove any jewelry and dentures. The patients are then admitted to the examination room. Imaging is completed in a seated, lying or standing position. Two views are usually obtained (e.g. front-to-back, side to side). The duration of the procedure depends on the number of images needed and the area(s) being evaluated. On average an examination takes five to ten minutes.

Exact adherence to radiation protection measures is a matter of course at DZU.

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