Abdominal Cavity (Abdomen) CT

Appointment: Recommended
Important Information,
Computed Tomography (CT) Instruction Leaflet 
CT Patient Information and Consent Form

Patient's Preparation for Irrigoscopy/Virtual Colonoscopy
Contrast Material: Usually required

Main Applications:

  • Inflammatory / tumor-related changes in organs
  • Stones, changes in the bile duct / urinary tract
  • Fluid in the abdominal cavity
  • Lymph node enlargement
  • Dilatation / Constriction / Obstruction of arteries
  • Special 3-dimensional imaging of the large bowel (mucosal polyps, tumours) etc.

The Examination:

Patients are requested to uncover the body area to be examined and remove metal objects such as jewelry or piercings.

Patients lie face up on a sliding table which moves slowly through the wide circular opening of the CT scanner during the procedure. The area to be examined is always in the middle of this opening. Since respiratory movements can disturb abdomen CT imaging, the technologist in charge tells you how and when to breathe.

If intravenous contrast material needs to be injected for your CT examination, we will insert a small soft plastic tube (Venflon) - which serves to access the vein - before the examination. The contrast material itself is injected painlessly through an injector. This eliminates the risk of movement having a negative effect on the procedure. Iodized contrast material cannot be used for specific diseases.  If you suffer from thyroid disease, impaired kidney function or diabetes, please inform us at the time of your registration

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