Digital Radiology


The X-ray is an electromagnetic wave that is shorter and contains more energy than ultraviolet light. Therefore, X-rays can penetrate the organs of the body and produce images of them.

X-ray examinations are especially suitable for bone and lung evaluations. Additional administration of contrast material  provides clear images of the stomach, intestines, kidneys and vessels as well.

We do not perform examinations on pregnant women at DZU.

DiagnoseZentrumUrania has been fully digitized since 2004, which has led to a marked reduction in the radiation dose of X-ray procedures. Depending on the area of the body being examined, patients are requested to undress and remove any jewelry and dentures.

Patients are then admitted to the examination room. Imaging is completed in a seated, lying or standing position. Two views are usually obtained (e.g. front-to-back, side to side).

The duration of the procedure depends on the number of images needed and the area(s) being evaluated. On average an examination takes five to ten minutes.
Exact adherence to radiation protection measures is a matter of course at DZU.

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