Small Intestine/ Large Intestine

Appointment: Required
Important Information,
Small Intestine/Large Intestine Instruction Leaflet 
Contrast Material: Required

Main Applications:

  • Confirmation or disproval of constrictions in the intestine passage (e.g. due to adhesions or scars), that hinder its patency
  • Displacement and distortion of intestinal loops
  • Confirmation or disproval of an intestinal wall excrescence (diverticulum)
  • Confirmation or disproval of inflammatory diseases of the intestinal mucosa

The Examination:

After drinking the contrast material, X-rays of the patient’s intestines are obtained in 30-minute intervals. The time it takes for the contrast material to travel the entire length of the intestines differs from person to person. In some cases small intestine examinations may take up to four hours - on average they take one to two hours. The examination of the large intestine may take up to eight hours; on average it takes three hours. Patients are not required to spend the entire time at the center if the examination takes longer, they can leave the center between X-rays and also eat and drink during these intervals.

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