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First adaptive 128-slice CT: Superlative image quality – minimum dose:

One of the most modern computed tomography scanners in the world is being used at DZU. Our Siemens Definition AS is the first fully adaptive 128-slice CT. DZU is the first radiology center in Austria to be equipped with this high-end technology.


Our Philips 3-Tesla magnet resonance scanner is one of the most modern clinical nuclear resonance tomography devices in the market and the first apparatus of its kind in Austria. It permits the investigator to obtain images of hitherto unprecedented quality within a pleasantly short period of time for the patient.


Our Philips Intera 1.5 Tesla is a modern whole-body magnetic resonance scanner with a short tunnel and complete coils for examinations of all body areas. Magnetic resonance imaging is possible without the use of X-rays!

Digital Diagnostic X-ray system - Rapidity and Quality

Digital x-rays are exposed on an electronic “flat detector” as opposed to conventional x-rays, which are exposed on film.

Digital Mammography (Sectra Microdose Mammography)

Mammography is an X-ray investigation to identify diseases of the breast. At DZU we use a dose-saving SECTRA Microdose mammography apparatus.

Fluoroscopy: Digital remote-operated fluoroscopy device (Philips)

A fluoroscopy is indispensable in cases of symptoms in the gastrointestinal tract, the lung, the heart or vessels (veins), etc. The examined area is "fluoroscoped" continuously or at short intervals (pulsed) in this procedure.


The ultrasound examination is a procedure to image various regions of the body with the use of ultrasound waves (no X-rays). For the investigation a contact gel is applied on the skin and the transducer is made to glide on this skin. Several procedures using various types of transducers are available:

Bone Densitometry

Early prevention and treatment of osteoporosis (bone atrophy) can drastically reduce the risk of fractures.
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