Appointment: Recommended
Important Information,
Ultrasound Instruction Leaflet
Contrast Material: Not Required

Main Applications:

  • Common carotid arteries
  • Abdominal cavity and groin vessels
  • Vessels of the arms and legs (Austrian state insurance does not cover the cost of these examinations, they are the responsibility of the patient)

This procedure enables the doctor to view vessels as well as evaluate the patient's blood flow. The doctor can determine the quantity of blood flowing through the vessels, whether the passage is obstructed, and the blood flow direction. Depending on the flow direction, blood is shown in red or blue. This additional ultrasound information is obtained via a very specific physical effect that results from the change in frequency of a wave for an observer moving relative to the source of the wave. In this case, the source is the flowing blood, while the transducer acts as the receiver. This effect was discovered by the Austrian Christian Doppler in 1842. Since it is used here and rendered in color, this form of examination is also known as (Color) Doppler Sonography.

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